the team


Dimitra Ntasioti

Dimitra is a certified yoga instructor from Greece, based in Berlin, Germany. She has studied theatre and worked for a while as an actress. Her love for yoga has been growing for many years, through different workshops and teachers, as she followed diverse paths of yoga itself. Now, she teaches Hatha Yoga as a way to heal physical and emotional pain.


Nicki Daljeet Kaur Loncaric

Daljeet Kaur is, since her childhood, in contact with spirituality and meditation through her environment and her own experience. At the age of 18 she started her spiritual journey consciously. Since then Daljeet Kaur has studied various spiritual scriptures and practiced different methods from traditional, spiritual, holistic practices. She is a certified Yoga teacher since 2006, and specialises in the practices of Kundalini Yoga.

Gerasimos Skouris

Gerasimos is a music composer and a Reiki healer from Greece. His journey began from Kriya Yoga to lead him to explore the human subconscious, and in which way the mind perceives information derived from there. He practices self- knowledge and follows routes that lead to a deeper understanding of human life and its purpose.