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YOGATONE+ is defined by 4 elements: 

Uniqueness, Exclusivity, Quality and Sophistication.

And as any great concept or service, it is selective of its audience. 

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Critically acclaimed by the Press as one of the most active, experienced and renown multi-percussion soloists of the younger generation in the Berlin music scene.


Konstantinos Athanasakos

From the Kammermusiksaal of the Berlin Philharmonie and Konzerthaus am Gerdanmermarkt to Carnegie's Weill Hall in New York.






Daljeet path to spirituality began when she was still a child.
In that time she had, what she describes as an “opening experiences“ to the invisible spiritual worlds.



Raised in Berlin, Sabine has been strongly drawn to the invisible dimensions for as long as she can remember.





Yogatone+ was formed as an answer to the needs of those who demand a Unique and Unsurpassed service for their body, senses and soul. 

Envisioned by top professionals in the musical field and realized with the assistance of expert yoga instructors with diverse backgrounds and years of experience, Yogatone+ answers the needs of the most demanding clientele who know precisely why they expect nothing but the best. Original compositions specifically written for Yogatone+ and classic masterpieces tailored to the needs of the courses, modified for the highest possible synchronization between choreography and inner feeling,  create the custom-made experience associated only with Top Quality.

In Yogatone+ the subtle art of meditation and exercise, of mental relaxation and physical reboot is inextricably linked with the sounds, sonic designs and musical textures one could normally encounter only in a deep state of dreaming. Yet, the end result of each session will affect your body, your thinking, your energy levels and your sense of fulfillment in the most pragmatic way. Your reality and your world will have to give in and conform to the stimuli offered here. A typical Yogatone+ session is carried out inside you long after the course has ended.

We live in a highly competitive world. Stress, high speeds of thought and execution, productivity, career, family, they all leave their daily marks on our mental and psychological armor. Still, the successful and happy individual aiming for higher planes of existence values one thing above all : Time. Specifically designed for the most discerning individual who values greatly both his time and energy output, Yogatone+ offers the fastest and most pleasurable way to heal the scars of everyday living, as you continue to reach even greater heights.





After centuries of evolution, these instruments acquired a significant position in the western musical tradition while maintaining their original character. Due to their unique properties they are viewed today as a rather special group of entities demanding the most experienced artist. The musician who would be able to extract and control all that they could offer.

In the context of these highly specialized Yoga programs, such percussion instruments form the unique backbone that our course-structure is based upon. Bringing the piano commentary out of focus so that it does not interfere at any moment with the process of introverted spiritualism, integrating it to the final unique experience that our programs were called to provide, and creating subconscious references to cultures, traditions and influences deeply encrypted in our DNA. The discreet rhythmical impetus created as an additional effect lays at the service of our Yoga instructors.




Currently used in hospitals as a recovery accelerator, in psychiatric institutions as a therapy to troubled spirits, in business conferences and summits as a de-stressor utility, in schools and educational programs as a way to increase attention and focus, in international companies as a productivity multiplier and as the ideal free-time vehicle for internationally known scientists, authors, actors and politicians, the Piano continues to find new roles and functions by being indispensable without ever adapting.

Its inclusion in a yoga session containing meditation, physical exercise, a state of existence between sleep and awakening as well as the aim for a higher level of well-being, should be obvious. Despite the best intentions among those relatively few who attempted to integrated it into a Yoga course, there is still a gap between the high demand and the level of quality offered that has not been fulfilled. Confronted with the challenge of being the first to create a complete solution, we took it as our responsibility to be the best in doing so.


Yoga is not only a superb physical exercise, a profound mental discipline and a transformative spiritual practice. It is a Culture in 2 phases: The phase of its Inception and Evolution, and its subsequent Birth in the Western Culture. A unique and cherished philosophical product of pre-Vedic Indian traditions, Yoga can be divided in 8 expressions (Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dyana, Samadhi) with only 1 end result: the Reformation of your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self.

The relationship between body and mind, meditation and physical practice, the obstacles encountered by your sensations and the need to focus your mind on a specific point, they all lead inevitably to a superconscious state where Meditation is not an escape from reality.

It is a vast improvement on your reality.

Good health, true happiness, peace, control, enlightenment, wisdom, virtue, they all become real as you embark on a holistic integrated way of life after it has become your natural behavior and daily activity. Our sessions ensure that your mind will be forced to follow the path your true self knew at the early stages of your life. Controlling your mind as you exercise your body under universal sounds, will bring the Present into focus. Understanding the Past and Conquering the Future is simply the outcome.


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NOV' 19


xenakis solo konzert 

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