After centuries of evolution, percussion acquired a significant position in the western musical tradition, while maintaining their original character. In the context of our specialised yoga programs, percussion instruments form the spine of the course. The discreet rhythmical impetus created lays at the service of our yoga instructors.


The piano is currently used in hospitals as a recovery accelerator, in psychiatric institutions as a therapy to troubled spirits, in business conferences and summits as a de-stressor utility, in schools and educational programs as a way to increase attention and focus, in international companies as a productivity multiplier and as the ideal free-time artistic occupation. Alone, but also combined with the rest of the elements, piano becomes a powerful tool to reach both self- and ultimately universal awareness.


Yoga is the actual connection between body and mind, which results to the ultimate reformation of one’s physical, mental and spiritual self.  Keeping one’s mind relaxed, while exercising the body under universal sounds, will bring the present into focus. Understanding the past with the heart open will make conquering the future effortless.